The Art of Strutting in High Heel Stilettos

When you wear a pair of high heel stilettos you are making a statement, a bold statement and the shoe lovers amongst us already know that stilettos deserve, in fact demand to be worn in a certain manner this includes mastering the strut.

The single most important aspect of strutting is attitude. You must adopt the stiletto mindset, you have already learned how to walk in heels strutting in a pair of high heel stilettos is not a technique it is a state of mind. This is not as daunting as it sounds in fact it will come to you naturally. I will list some tips to help you along the way.

  • When you are in the house get dressed and slip on your pair of beauties. Think supermodel, you are a gorgeous, glamorous, confident woman. Look at yourself in the mirror, turn, pose and look down at your heels. Lift one heel then the other keeping one eye on the mirror and the other on your heels.
  • You should start feeling elegant and graceful. Start walking, again using the mirror and experiment with your posture. Start walking with toes facing outward one foot in front of the other and vary your walk, try a slight zig zag in your path, try lifting your trailing heel a little higher when you make your step (a favorite with catwalk models). What looks and feels good for you is good for you. You are starting to develop your own style.
  • Don’t underestimate your facial expressions, especially the eyes. Again experiment. Practice in the mirror, pout, stare ahead use your eyes to convey how you feel all the time walking, turning and posing. Try arrogant, stilettos imply an element of arrogance the art is to make it understated don’t overdo any element of strutting.
  • You should now be well on the way to developing your own signature strut, your hips will sway naturally and your overall look should be a reflection of your personality. Individuality is imperative.
  • You are now ready to strut your stuff. You should at all times exude the confident, beautiful woman that you know you are. You will feel gorgeous (you are) in your gorgeous heels. Enjoy every step, when heads turn enjoy, when you receive compliments enjoy, when your heels click enjoy, when you lift a heel just to admire enjoy.
  • You feel like the woman you always knew you were, your personality, style and individuality are shining for all to see.

You are strutting girl.

Fahion, You and E-Books

Internet is spreading its boundaries with each passing day, which makes eBooks easily accessible to people. They now do not need to spend heavy amounts for buying their favourite book as they can easily download it from World Wide Web and obtain required information. Whether it is fashion, law, science or commerce, they can find eBooks almost on every topic.

Fashion eBooks are very popular these days as people today want to know about changing fashion and popular outfits in different parts of the world. Students studying fashion also demand these books to enhance their knowledge about cuts, colours and usage of cloths. Elephant’s Breath & London Smoke: Historic Colour Names, Definitions & Uses is a popular fashion eBook, which contains information about origin, history and use of colours. Among other famous fashion eBooks is Journey with a Collection of Portraits, which contains writers’ own experiences and observations.

Apart from eBooks on fashion, the Internet is flooded with film & video art eBooks, which impart information about screenplay, direction, camera angles and importance of editing. Post Cinematic Affect, Dream Repairman, Film Crew, Be the Hero in the Movie of Your Life and Final Cut Pro X are some of the most sought after eBooks on film and video art. Documentary: Witness and Self-Revelation is another demanded electronic book on this topic, in which the writer has thoroughly described technological changes in the field of cinema. In this book, the author is suggesting the idea of a slow film as the best solution to the problems of increasing speed attributed to optimised digital editing. This book is very useful for students studying visual culture, media and film making. Such film & video art eBooks have been written in an interesting manner, which makes it easier for a reader to comprehend the writers’ point of view as well as the examples given to elucidate the same.

Neoliberalism and Global Cinema, edited by Keith B. Wagner and Jyotsna Kapur, is a famous book on film and video art. Considering political economy, social history, ideological critique and a variety of approaches, the editors offer a fresh Marxist analysis of modern films. Neoliberalism and Global Cinema also states how the cultural influence and subjectivities caused by neoliberalism have been performed and applied in the cinemas of Asia, Latin Africa, America, Europe and the United States. With so many film & video art eBooks available online, it is very easy for people to know about the technology and efforts that go into making films

Longines La Grande Classique – A Tribute to the Timeless Fashion

Longines designs the pieces of art rather than watches, which add sophistication to the personality of the wearers. Every collection comes up with a certain level of elegance that is magnificently portrayed through the awesome craftsmanship. The watches from the La Grande Classique take the wearers back in the history of the watchmaking and elevate the personality with the ageless appeal of the watches. The collection turns a glorious page of brand’s journey out of many milestones, which essays the success of designing the first winged hourglass logo. This aesthetic tradition gets a brilliant way of expressing its glow through the La Grande Classique collection. The content explores the artistic beauty of these timepieces.

The Silver and Black gives your Personality an Outstanding Look:

The timepiece L4. expresses the elegance of craftsmanship through its 24mm black dial sparkled with the diamond hour markers. It comes up with a minimalistic design that adores the beauty of the watch. The black dial is a night sky where the diamonds are dazzling like stars. The lettering of Longines and its famous winged hourglass logo are the two elements that lure the hearts of wearers. The complete look of the watch is rejuvenated with the stainless steel strap.

The Timepiece is more than just a watch:

When the elegance and the boldness mingle, it creates a breathtaking architecture. This watch L4.766.1.91.2 offers such a craftsmanship that it makes people spellbound. The 37mm white dial reveals an aura of superior design with its black roman numerals and hands. The logo of the brand praises the complete look of the dial. The black leather strap adds a fusion touch to the design of the watch. While the look is traditional, the black strap brings out the essence of the modern trend. Men’s can flaunt their unique fashion with this watch.

The L4.766.4.17.6 appreciates your classy personality:

This timepiece expresses a lot of things about your personality. Without any exaggeration, this timepiece opens up the brand’s classic appearance with the 37mm white dial watch. An aesthetic touch is further dazzled with the diamond hour markers and the sleek black hands. There is no other brand that depicts the classic appeal of the watchmaking as delicately as the Longines. The dial is circled with a silver bezel that makes the design even more prominent. The stainless steel strap elevates the look of the architecture. Designed for men’s classy personality, this timepiece has a formal essence that accompanies you to your office meeting.

Glorious Gold Makes your Personality Standout:

The timepiece has an array of things to tell to its wearers. It represents the story of an elegant architecture of the brand. The 33mm golden dial enchanted with the black roman numerals and sleek hands. The lettering of the brand and the winged hourglass logo glorify the complete architecture of the brand. The wavy pattern on the dial gives the design an individuality that strikes a note of perfection. While the dial reflects the captive look of watchmaking, the strap carries the notion of the ultimate comfort. This watch is designed for men’ fashion and conveys sophistication through each detailing of the watch.

Give your Personality a celestial Touch:

The timepiece of the collection is coloured in silver and it reveals the artistic beauty of watchmaking in a captivating way. The 30mm white coloured dial is beautified with black numerals and a date displaying window at 3 o’clock position also reveals a women’s grace. The stainless steel straps circles the wrists of women to adore their elegant attitude.

Longines La Grande Classique watches are designed with the elegant of timekeeping that explores the invention of the brand. The eloquent look tells wearers that the elegance is an attitude.